Week of March 13, 2023 • SAFE Credit Union Convention Center • Sacramento, CA

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Exhibit Hall Raffle Game Rules and Regulations

  1. Exhibit Hall Raffle Game Participation

    Participation in the Exhibit Hall Raffle Game includes a coupon dedicated to the participating Exhibitor featuring a 50-word description (submitted by the Exhibitor), a listing of the prize to be raffled, and the company name and booth number. The Exhibit Hall Raffle Game book will be distributed to attendees in their registration materials.

  2. Exhibitor Responsibilities

    Exhibitor must provide a 50-word description about the Exhibitor’s company, products and/or raffle prize. Exhibitor is responsible for providing the raffle prize (recommended minimum value of $300). The raffle prize may be given to the winning attendee either in person or by postal mail.

  3. Prize Restrictions

    One winner per coupon is permitted. If a raffle prize includes more than one item, only one winner will be drawn to receive the entire prize listed on the coupon. A completed raffle coupon is all that is required to be entered into a raffle drawing. No additional requirements may be imposed by the participating Exhibitor.

  4. Coupon Collection

    Exhibitor must provide space to collect raffle coupons within Exhibitor’s reserved booth; no additional space or central collection area will be provided. Exhibitor is responsible for providing a fishbowl or other appropriate receptacle to collect raffle coupons. Receptacles will not be provided by Exhibit Management. Coupons may be kept by Exhibitor following the raffle drawing.

  5. Drawing and Awarding of Prizes

    Between 12:30 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. on March 15, 2023 Exhibit Management will visit participating Exhibitor booths and prompt each Exhibitor to draw the winning coupon at random. The winning coupon should not be drawn prior to this time. At 1:15 p.m. Exhibit Management will email the raffle winners directing winners to the appropriate booths to claim their prizes. Participating exhibitors must have the prize(s) on hand to distribute to the winner unless otherwise noted on the coupon.

  6. Shipping Prizes

    Winners do not need to be present to collect prizes. In the event that a winner does not come to the booth to collect winnings, it will be the responsibility of the Exhibitor to send the prize to the winner via postal mail at the Exhibitor’s expense. The winner’s contact information will be on the back of the winning coupon.