Week of March 13, 2023 • SAFE Credit Union Convention Center • Sacramento, CA

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Attendee Mail List: Conditions of Use and Brand Guidelines

The attendee mail list contains names, organizations, titles and physical addresses of all attendees registered at the time your list request is made. The list can be used to:

  1. identify who will be in attendance and pre-plan your presence onsite; or,
  2. send a mailer prior to the event.

The list is supplied for a one-time usage and is only authorized for one mailing per exhibiting company. If multiple mailings are intended, you may purchase additional attendee mail lists through the marketing application.

If you are hosting an event or events, please provide the event title, description, day, start and end times, and location(s) to so that we can provide attendees with information should they request it at Registration or at the Information Booth onsite.

Guidelines for CCSA Exhibitor Mailers