All Clear for Take-Off: Know What You Need to Know for School Start-Up

Monday, March 15, 10:00 am–10:50 am

There is so much to do and to know when preparing your new school for take-off –but sometimes the hardest part is knowing what you don’t know! Participants will learn strategies for navigating funding, facilities, governance, personnel, and student recruiting so they are prepared to successfully lift-off and reach cruising altitude.

Topic: Operate - Starting new schools
Additional Audience(s): Board Members, Charter School Leaders, New Charter School Developers
Level: Beginner

Presented by

Alison Diaz Alison Diaz, Environmental Charter Schools

Alison Suffet Diaz is the Founder of Environmental Charter Schools. With a dynamic team and under Alison’s leadership as the Executive Director & CEO for the majority of the last 20 years, ECS has flourished into award-winning schools. In June 2019, Alison transitioned into the role of Director of Growth and Sustainability. She focuses on school growth, leading the expansion of high quality charter school seats, mission-aligned green school facilities development, management and operations, spearheads sustainability initiatives, liaises with national and local green school partners and oversees development, partnerships and advocacy. Alison holds a Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctorate.

Dorothy Lee Dorothy Lee, EdTec Inc.

Dorothy Lee joined EdTec in 2008 and manages the Southern California region. She has worked with a range of schools, from charter developers as they get authorized to established networks like Environmental Charter Schools and Synergy Academies. Dorothy has presented at conferences on a wide variety of topics including replication, renewals, facilities, start-up, budgeting, governance and benchmarking.