Benchmarks for Budgeting: How Do You Measure Up?

Tuesday, March 12, 1:30 pm–2:45 pm
Sacramento Convention Center - 316


Have you ever wondered how your school compares to other charters in California, and how you, as a school leader, can make the best budgeting and spending decisions for your students? In this session, you’ll be presented with valuable benchmarking data from charters across the state that will prove useful in data-driven budgeting and resource allocation. Comparative analysis is key to understanding where you might be either bleeding money, or even skimping on your students.

Topic: Funding
Additional Audience(s): Board Members, Business Managers, Charter School Leaders
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, All
Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School, Multiple Grade Levels

Presented by

Yoon Chang Yoon Chang, Key Educational Group

As a Director of Finance and Administration at Key Educational Group, Yoon specializes in charter school finance, financial planning, grant development, and school operations. Prior to joining Key Educational Group, Yoon was a Director of Client Services at EdTec, working with dozens of charter schools across California, from new single site schools getting off the ground, to well established multi-site charters developing into Charter Management Organizations. During her time working with charter schools, she has presented on a variety of financial and operational topics at numerous charter school conferences and workshops, including annual California Charter School Association (CCSA) conferences.

Steve Good Steve Good, Five Keys Schools and Programs

Steve Good, E.D., leads a staff of over 500 serving more than 25,000 program participants annually.

Wanny Hersey Wanny Hersey, Bullis Charter School

Wanny has been dedicated to transforming public education for over 30 years as an elementary, middle, and high school teacher and administrator. Her work has been featured in Forbes, National Association of Elementary School Principals, EdSurge, and most recently, the Bank Street College’s report entitled “Investing in Residencies, Improving Schools: How Principals Can Fund Better Teaching & Learning.” Wanny is the Founding Superintendent of Bullis Charter School, an award-winning PBL, Design Thinking, STEAM school, and presently serves on the P21 national Speakers’ Bureau, the Edleader21 PLC Advisory Board, the CCSA Mentor Project, and as an Education Advisor for Reach Capital.

Peter Laub Peter Laub, EdTec, Inc.

Trevor Skelton Trevor Skelton, EdTec Inc.

Trevor Skelton is an Associate Client Manager at EdTec, a social enterprise committed to supporting charter schools with business, operations, and performance services. EdTec is a leader in the charter operations and back-office space as a trusted partner to over 300 charter schools across California. At EdTec, Trevor provides CFO-level support and financial management to both established charter schools and aspiring charter developers in the Northern California region.