25th Annual California
Charter Schools Conference

25th Annual California
Charter Schools Conference

Measuring Up: Using Charter School Benchmarks for Budgeting

Tuesday, March 27 2:45 pm–3:45 pm
San Diego Convention Center - 29AB


Have you ever wondered how your school's spending compares to other charters in California, or how you can better inform your spending decisions? We'll present valuable metrics collected from charters across the state that will help you make informed spending decisions and determine optimal resource allocation. You'll learn the systems and structures for planning and monitoring spending, as well as how to engage school stakeholders in the budgeting process.

Topic: Funding
Additional Audience(s): Administrators, Business Managers, New Charter School Developers, Charter School Leaders
Level: All
Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School, Multiple Grade Levels

Presented by

Cheryl Leong Cheryl Leong, EdTec Inc.

Cheryl provides financial consulting to charter schools across Northern California. She has experience servicing different types of charter schools including independent study, central management organizations and K-12 individual charters. Her background includes strategy, operations planning and financial analysis for Fortune 500 companies. Cheryl holds a BA in Business Administration from Gonzaga University.

Gayle Nadler Gayle Nadler, Multicultural Learning Center

Gayle Nadler, Executive Director, Multicultural Learning Center (MLC), has 25 years of experience in school and non-profit management, communications, fundraising, and school partnerships. She is co-founder MLC, a K-8 Spanish/English immersion public charter school which opened in 2001, having served as its Program Director prior to becoming the Executive Director in 2012. Gayle has played a key role in acquiring funding and establishing partnerships in support of MLC’s educational programs, developing school facilities, recruiting and engaging families, and communicating MLC’s vision and accomplishments. She has extensive experience in dual immersion, arts integration models, constructivist teaching and learning, and developing an inclusive school culture,

Krystle Onibokun Krystle Onibokun, EdTec

Krystle Onibokun is currently an Associate Client Manager at EdTec Inc. Prior to joining EdTec, Krystle worked at a non-profit measuring its impact on the community’s youth to achieve school success and was a Teach For America Corps Member. Krystle holds a Master of Science in Management, Organizations, and Governance from the London School of Economics and Political Science, a Master of Education from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and an AB in Economics from Brown University.

The 25th annual conference will be held March 26–28, 2018 in San Diego, CA at the San Diego Convention Center.