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General Information

The 24th Annual California Charter School Conference will be held at the Sacramento Convention Center located at 1400 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814, March 20-23, 2017.

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What will I learn?

The mission of the California Charter Schools Conference (CCSA) is to inspire academic excellence, operational integrity and unity among charter schools throughout California. The annual event connects charter school experts from across the country who lead sessions on everything from balancing your budget, obtaining a new facility and creating a safe school environment to building a productive and excellent board and advocating for your school on the local, state and federal level.

What is the theme of the 2017 conference?

The theme of the CCSA conference in 2017 is "Momentum", which celebrates the incredible growth of charter schools in California and the vision and mission of CCSA to reach one million students in California charter schools by 2022.

Who should attend?

The conference is for charter school leaders, teachers, board members, administrators, business managers, university educators, political leaders, business partners and community stakeholders.


Who should I contact if I have questions about the conference?

View our Contact Us page to learn more.

How do I learn more about CCSA?

CCSA advances the charter school movement through state and local advocacy, leadership on accountability and resources for member schools. CCSA is a trusted source of data and information on California's charter schools for parents, authorizers, legislators, the press and other interested groups.

You can learn more on CCSA’s website:

How do I learn more about CCSA Advocates?

You can learn more on the CCSA Advocates website:

How can I get involved as an Exhibitor or Sponsor?

Visit our Sponsor/Exhibit section to learn more. Information coming soon!

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