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Make Your Petition Budget a Slam Dunk

Tuesday, March 21 10:45 am–12:00 pm
Sacramento Convention Center - 301

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The petition budget can be a vulnerability for developers because it’s a concrete area that authorizers can target for denial. Learn how to tackle the budget and shoot with confidence.

Full Description:
Nervous about how to approach the budgeting process? The petition budget can be an Achilles heel for developers as authorizers may target it as a reason for denial. Without a sound budget, great petitions can be denied. Learn about budgeting and assumptions, developing accurate cash flow projections, common pitfalls and first-hand experience from startup charters. After this session, budgeting will no longer be a mystery. We’ll help you shoot with confidence.

Topic: Starting New Schools
Additional Audience(s): Business Managers, New Charter School Developers, General Ed/Stakeholders, Authorizers
Level: Beginner

Presented by

Sarah Bach Sarah Bach, Sycamore Creek Community Charter School

Sarah Bach, a PhD candidate in Social Ecology at UC Irvine, is passionate about educational reform at all levels. She supports creating paths for students to participate in educational programs that satisfy all aspects of their development. She is spearheading a community collaboration to bring Sycamore Creek Community Charter School, a TK-8th program, to Orange County. The specialized, child-centered, curriculum is guided by the core principles of public Waldorf education. Sarah has discovered the value in partnering with organizations such as CCSA, and the 50 school network, Alliance for Public Waldorf Education, in order to achieve authorization and future success.

Dorothy Lee Dorothy Lee, EdTec, Inc.

Dorothy Lee joined EdTec in 2008 and manages the Southern California region. She has worked with a range of schools, from charter developers as they get authorized to established networks like Environmental Charter Schools and Synergy Academies. Dorothy has presented on a wide variety of topics including replication, renewals, facilities, start-up, budgeting, governance and benchmarking.

Kapil Mathur Kapil Mathur, Orange County Academy of Sciences and Arts

Mr. Mathur is the Founder and Executive Director of the Orange County Academy of Sciences and Arts (OCASA). OCASA is a K-8 school located in Orange County, California which began operation in the 2016-17 school year.

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