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Let’s Get Real: Reasonable and Measurable Goals for Students in LCAP

Tuesday, March 21 9:45 am–10:30 am
Expo Pavilion, Exhibit Hall - Poster 02

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We'll help you decide on reasonable, measurable metrics based on your overall student achievement goals in your Local Control and Accountability Plan and help guide your data-tracking methods to easily calculate annual growth.

Full Description:
Identifying indicators of student achievement is a critical piece of your LCAP, but are you setting up growth measures that your students can meet? Can you easily determine whether your students have met their goals each year? We'll provide examples, help you decide on reasonable and measurable metrics based on your overall goals and help guide your data-tracking methods to calculate annual growth easily and efficiently.

Topic: Accountability/Performance Management
Additional Audience(s): Administrators, New Charter School Developers, Charter School Leaders
Level: All
Grade Level: Multiple Grade Levels

Presented by

Yen Nguyen Yen Nguyen, EdTec, Inc.

Yen has a background in mechanical engineering as well as charter school operations. She recently served as the Data Analyst at RePublic Schools, a charter management organization that oversees two of the top ranked charter schools in Nashville, Tennessee. Yen was uniquely and strategically placed at RePublic to develop efficient, secure, and accurate methods to collect, store, analyze, and display data in ways that make meaning for both internal and external stakeholders.

Annice Weinstein Annice Weinstein, EdTec, Inc.

In her role with EdTec, Annice has been assisting charter schools with analyzing and presenting their achievement data for renewals, WASC and grant proposals for over 10 years. She also has expertise in the development and implementation of assessment systems for schools. Prior to joining EdTec, Annice managed Kaplan K12's student assessment system, and developed curriculum for LeapFrog SchoolHouse and Computer Curriculum Corporation.

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