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Strategic Planning for Leaders with No Time to Plan: Backwards Planning

Wednesday, March 22 2:15 pm–3:30 pm
Sacramento Convention Center - 310

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Inform your understanding on the fundamentals of strategic planning – an essential leadership practice. Engage in strategic planning exercises with fellow school leaders and leave inspired to apply strategic leadership within your organization.

Full Description:
What are the critical questions facing your organization that you, the school leader, have been unable to adequately address? School leaders need to be supported to manage with clear, strategic direction. This workshop-style session will inform your understanding on the fundamentals of strategic planning – an essential tool for effective leadership. Engage in strategic planning exercises with fellow school leaders and learn facilitation tips on how to apply strategic leadership within your organization. 

Topic: Governance Summit
Additional Audience(s): Administrators, Teachers/Administrators, Veteran Charter School Leaders, Board Members, Business Managers, New Charter School Developers, Non-Classroom Based, Charter School Leaders
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, All
Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School, Multiple Grade Levels

Presented by

Annie Crangle Annie Crangle, Friday

Annie Crangle is a Senior Director at Third Plateau where she advises CMO, school and nonprofit leaders on organizational and management effectiveness. In partnership with EdTec, Annie has designed an approach to strategic planning that supports schools to grow and develop in order to respond to community needs and increase impact. Annie has been employed by and consulted for both charter and traditional public schools, including strategic and operational planning for KIPP St. Louis, and curriculum and data system design for Minneapolis Public School District. Annie is a Teach for America alum and serves on the Oakland and East Bay Regional Board of Playworks.

Ruth Dutton Ruth Dutton, The Academies Charter Management Organization

A determined visionary who identifies where conventional wisdom falls flat and a pragmatic realist who creates compelling, creative real world solutions, Ruth Dutton is passionate about getting education right and designing smart systems to meet the needs of our students and our communities. Ruth is developer, founder, and Superintendent of The Academies CMO, including two K-8 site-based charter schools in Visalia, Sycamore Valley Academy and the newly-approved Blue Oak Academy. Prior to charter leadership, Ruth taught high school English. Ruth holds an MA in Education, Curriculum and Instruction from Chapman University and a BA in Philosophy from New York University.

Stacy Emory Stacy Emory, San Carlos Charter Learning Center

Stacy Emory is the Director of the San Carlos Charter Learning Center (California Charter #0001). She has been at the school since it opened its doors in August 1994. She has her degrees in Systematic Biology (emphasis in Botany) and was hired by CLC as a founding educator because they wanted “A scientist, not a science teacher”. She was in the classroom as seventh- and eighth-grade math and science teacher for 11 years before she moved into administration. Her first administrative position was Resource Choreographer, which was later expanded and renamed Director of Curriculum and Resources. Four years ago she assumed the helm as School Director.

Sandy Park Sandy Park, EdTec, Inc.

Sandy Park is the Senior Manager of Educational Support Services at EdTec where she provides operational and management assistance to schools. She entered the profession of education and spent 8 years as a teacher and administrator. Sandy spent the last 10 years working with charter schools and developers across a wide range of high-value service areas at the California Charter Schools Association, Los Angeles Unified School District and EdTec.

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