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On the Road to Growth

Wednesday, March 22 10:45 am–12:00 pm
Sacramento Convention Center - 301

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Hear from the experts and those who have succeeded in overcoming the unexpected to grow more schools and serve more students. Learn practical tools for any stage of replication.

Full Description:
You’re on the way to growing more schools, but what happens when the unexpected happens? As you journey through replication, you may encounter challenges unlike the ones you have faced before. Join California Charter Schools Association staff and school leaders as we navigate the road to growth that is often filled with unforeseen obstacles, from petition writing to authorization to enrollment and more. Learn what tools are available and hear from those who have successfully found their way.

Topic: Starting New Schools
Additional Audience(s): New Charter School Developers, Authorizers, Charter School Leaders
Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Grade Level: Multiple Grade Levels

Presented by

Romel Antoine Romel Antoine, California Charter Schools Association

Romel manages the development process for new schools working toward authorization in California's North East region. This includes outreach, technical support, project management, and petition development guidance.

Malka Borrego Malka Borrego, Equitas Academy

Malka Borrego is the founder and chief executive officer of the Equitas Academy Charter Schools. The network was founded in 2009 and provides quality education with the mission of college graduation for all students in the Pico Union neighborhood of Los Angeles. Malka entered the teaching profession shortly after college graduation. Malka entered the Building Excellent Schools Fellowship, a rigorous, year-long training program in charter school management to successfully integrate her non-profit management and teaching experience. She earned a BS in Sociology from Pomona College and an MA in Social Science from Stanford University's School of Education.

Yoon Chang Yoon Chang, EdTec Inc.

Yoon Chang specializes in charter school finance and operations and has been supporting charter schools for several years. She has worked with a range of charter schools, from new single site schools getting off the ground to well established multi-site charters developing into CMOs. Yoon has presented on a variety of topics at numerous charter school conferences and workshops, including the CCSA Replication Summit. She holds a MA in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University and a BS in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.

Ruth Dutton Ruth Dutton, The Academies Charter Management Organization

A determined visionary who identifies where conventional wisdom falls flat and a pragmatic realist who creates compelling, creative real world solutions, Ruth Dutton is passionate about getting education right and designing smart systems to meet the needs of our students and our communities. Ruth is developer, founder, and Superintendent of The Academies CMO, including two K-8 site-based charter schools in Visalia, Sycamore Valley Academy and the newly-approved Blue Oak Academy. Prior to charter leadership, Ruth taught high school English. Ruth holds an MA in Education, Curriculum and Instruction from Chapman University and a BA in Philosophy from New York University.

Jorge Lopez Jorge Lopez, Amethod Public Schools (Oakland Charter Academy & Oakland Charter High School)

Michelle Murphy Michelle Murphy, 360 Accelerator

Michelle Murphy is the School Development Manger for California's Central Valley. In this role, Michelle manages the development process for new schools working toward authorization, including outreach, technical support, project management, and petition development guidance.

Chang Patel Chang Patel, EdTec, Inc.

Eldon Rosenow Eldon Rosenow, Great Valley Academy

BS in Phychology Doctorate in Optometry Fellow in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development Private Optometric Practice-1974-2008 Founded Great Valley Academy-2008 Currently working for Great Valley Academy bringing visual neuroscience to education

Leah Silvestre Franklin Leah Silvestre Franklin, Great Valley Academy

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