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Manage This: Getting Data Right for Government Reporting

Wednesday, March 16 11:00 am–12:15 pm
Long Beach Convention Center - 101A

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Participants will share existing challenges with ongoing staff development in regards to compliance reporting. Information shared will enhance school practices and build a strategic and sustainable approach to data management.

Student and staff data are tied to charter-school-funding reporting requirements at the state and federal level. This reporting requires a systematic approach to data management, but often schools face challenges with collecting, maintaining and reporting quality data. There are opportunities to strengthen staff development and data management practices. Participants will share existing challenges with data, learn how to integrate data management into daily operations and learn how to implement sustainable processes and practices in schools.

Strand: Funding
Topic: Budget, Finance and Fundraising
Primary Audience: Administrators, Board Members, Business Managers, Authorizers, Charter School Leaders
Additional Audience(s): Administrators, Veteran Charter School Leaders, Board Members, Business Managers, Administrative Assistants/Support Staff, Charter School Leaders
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, All


Tiffany Castro Tiffany Castro, ExED

Tiffany Castro supports ExED schools with CALPADS reporting and guidance with student data compliance and management, specifically in student information systems (SIS). Prior to joining ExED, Tiffany served as Director of Operations and Compliance at Larchmont Schools and has worked in educational institutions and libraries since 2002. Tiffany has a master’s degree in Library and Information Science from UCLA and bachelor’s degrees in History and Latin American and Latino Studies from UC Santa Cruz.

Tammy Stanton Tammy Stanton, ExED

Tammy Stanton joined ExED in 2006, just after she had become a founding parent and treasurer of Ocean Charter School. Today, Tammy oversees the business operations for select charter school clients such as Camino Nuevo Charter Academy, Gabriella Charter School, New West Charter School, and oversees ExED’s training and consulting work. She teaches graduate level courses at the Loyola Marymount University School of Education, and regularly conducts trainings and conference sessions regarding charter finance, human resources and board responsibilities. Tammy holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Antioch University.