CCSA: California Charter Schools Association
The 19th Annual California Charter Schools Conference

Are there any special registration discounts?

The best rate Association members can get on registration is our Summer Special, which will run from June through September 9, 2011. The $250 flat rate for Association members is the lowest rate that will be offered all year and is lower than any discount offered once the summer special is over. After September 9, the member rate will go up by $125, but there will be $50 discounts offered for teachers and school board members. After September 9, there will also be special rates for groups of three or more from the same school; groups of 10 or more from the same school. (see Registration for more information).

How do I reach the conference team?

See the Contact Us page.

When is the deadline to respond to the Call for Presentations and when will speakers be notified?

Friday, October 7, 2011, is the deadline. Speakers will be notified in November 2011.

This is not a great time of year for me to be incurring expenses. When do I actually have to pay this bill?

If you register online or by phone using a purchase order number, we will send you an invoice, but the bill will not be due until after the conference actually happens. That way you can decide when it is most convenient for you to pay. If you register before September 9, you will lock in at the low summer special rate.

When should I arrive at the conference?

The Welcome Reception starts at 5 p.m. on Monday, February 27, 2012.

When does the conference end?

The conference ends at around noon on Thursday, March 1, 2012.

I am also receiving correspondence from the National Conference. Is this the same conference?

No. This is the web site for the California Charter Schools Conference, which will be held February 27–March 1, 2012 at the Sacramento Convention Center.

If I'm entering all the registrations for my group, as opposed to the individuals entering their own registrations, do I have to complete the registration process for each person individually?

No, you may register your group as a Group Administrator, whether or not you are attending. Select that you are entering registrations as part of a group, then as a Group Administrator. You will be asked if you are personally registering to attend the conference, or just administering registrations for your group. You will assign a group name and enter contact information for the group, as well as each group member's name, job title and email address. Finally you will be able to enter one payment for your group as a whole. Each registrant will receive a confirmation and you will receive a summary of the group's registrations.

Can individuals enter their own registrations and still be part of a group?

Yes, they will select that they are registering as part of a group, then as an Individual group member. They will be asked to indicate the group name. All members of your group must use the same group name. They need to enter their own contact information as well as payment, but will receive the group discount.

If I am registering administrators and teachers, can I combine them for the group rates?

Yes. However, the special discount will be applied only to the individuals who qualify.

What if I have an administrator who also teaches some classes? Can I register this person as a teacher?

In this case, we suggest this attendee be categorized by whichever function is a larger part of their job.

How do I book a room at the conference hotel?

Please visit the Hotel & Travel section of our web site.